Private Coaching Package

You know where you are trying to go, but sometimes you just need some extra help to get there. Private coaching is ideal for parents, caregivers and others who are familiar with the basics of Positive Discipline either through a presentation, class or book and would like more specific guidance to implement positive changes to solve challenges. Through the lens of Positive Discipline, challenges and misbehaviors are related to the need for belonging and significance. After coaching participants better understand how to implement the concepts in real life. They can apply that knowledge to benefit other relationships and continue to improve their family dynamics independently.

Coaching is done through scheduled video or phone calls and are only done as a 4 session package (4 – 30 min. calls over 4-6 weeks). 

1. Introductions and identification of challenges and goals
2. Explore beliefs behind the behavior and focus on solutions to try
3. Follow up and refinement of implementation progress
4. Follow up, refinement and encouragement toward continued progress

Cost is $175 for the package

Email Cathy at cathykawakami.pda@gmail if you have any questions before purchasing